How do you make a disposable vape reusable?

For this initial step, you'll have to unscrew the e-cigarette nozzle by turning it around. Use a syringe, if possible, to fill the cartridge with oil. If you have good vaping salt juice on hand, why don't you put it in a rechargeable device meant to be filled up or get a new disposable one? Depending on the quality of the disposable vaporizer, it's nearly impossible to refill most disposable vaporizers. Disposable vaporizers are incredibly popular among adult vapers who have been left in the thick of the federal ban on flavored vape capsules, but they're only single-use devices.

Most rechargeable disposable vaping devices on the market are nearly impossible to reopen, so it's not recommended. We don't recommend refilling a disposable vaporizer because it really doesn't make sense and isn't designed to be opened. The problem with this is that lower quality disposable vaporizers are often made with lower quality batteries that don't hold a charge even once filled with vape juice. All brands offer a wide variety of disposable vaporizer styles that range from huge 10 ml disposable vaporizers to small bar-type disposable vaporizers.

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