What is the disposable vape with the most hits?

With up to 6,500 inhalations per device, the Beco Lux and the Beco Feast Pro are the most successful disposable vaporizers. The So Soul Y10000 disposable vaporizer is one of the first and without a doubt the best disposable vaporizer that provides up to 10,000 puffs. This vaporizer contains an impressive 20 ml of vape juice and has an impressive rechargeable battery that doesn't need to be recharged as often or takes long to fully recharge. The So Soul Y10000 also comes with 12 different flavors to suit most people's tastes and has a very cool and elegant design.

Of course, given its size, it's not ideal for stealthy vaping, but that applies to most of the vaporizers on this list for obvious reasons. It's also worth noting that So Soul has many other disposable vaporizer models with fewer puffs, thinner designs, and other features that may interest you if the Y10000 is too big for you. The Hero Bars 8000 has 16 ml of liquid for vaping and also comes with 15 different and unique flavors to choose from. In addition, its mesh coil is also great for improving the flavor and fragrance of the vaporizer.

Another of the best disposable vaporizers we've seen so far, the Hotbox Tobacco Free Nicotine 7500 Puffs disposable vaporizer offers an impressive and highly efficient 7,500 inhalations per disposable vaporizer. Synthetic nicotine and the mesh coil it contains offer 13 different flavors that offer very diverse and satisfying experiences, from ice cream, cake to crunchy menthol and much more. This vaporizer also has 16 ml of liquid and a very long battery life in its rechargeable lithium-ion battery. All this makes this new brand a very good candidate for our attention and an excellent choice for both new and experienced vapers.

Specifically in terms of volume, this disposable vaporizer offers up to 7,000 inhalations thanks to its 14 ml e-liquid tank. The rechargeable battery has also proven to be very reliable, and this Fume device also offers 19 very different and delicious flavors. While 6,500 seem significantly less than 10,000, we can't have a list of long-lasting disposable products without mentioning the Beco Lux and Beco Feast Pro models. These two incredible vape pens come with 13 ml of juice with 5% nicotine, making them ideal for any former tobacco smoker who wants the satisfaction of a strong blow and, at the same time, make the transition to vaping successfully.

The rechargeable battery in these Beco products is also great and you won't miss a drop of those 13 ml of juice. Zhen An Dong Lu, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China, 523850. The ElfBar BC5000 is the most durable of all these disposable items, despite the fact that it only contains a 650 mAh battery, and that is because, although it is disposable, it is also recharged using USB type C. It has an enormous prefilled juice capacity of 13 ml and can produce an enormous amount of 5000 puffs (although you won't do it with a single charge).

It has an elegant flask design, comes in delicious flavors and is one of the best disposable for greater durability. Puff count, capacity for 5000 juices, 13 ml battery, 650 mAh rechargeable power, 5% (50 mg) The Dragbar 5000 is a sensational disposable vaporizer. It comes in a bicolor bottle-shaped design, which is both modern and functional. It has a pre-charged juice capacity of 13 ml and an internal 630 mAh battery that can be recharged via USB Type-C.

The Dragbar 5000 can produce up to 5000 puffs per bar. Zovoo and the Dragbar line have some of the most precise and sumptuous flavors. The Dragbar B5000 is another fantastic disposable from Zovoo. It comes in the usual format, with 13 ml of pre-charged juice and an internal 500 mAh battery that can be recharged via USB-C.

The B5000 can produce up to 5000 puffs and has a very mild MTL effect and some exceptional flavors. Read the Zovoo Dragbar B5000 review The Orion Bar 7500 by Lost Vape is an incredibly impressive disposable. It comes precharged with 18 ml of juice, has a 650 mAh battery that is recharged via USB-C and can produce up to 7500 puffs. The Orion Bar 7500 comes in fantastic flavors that really work, and it also has an adjustable airflow.

It's also one of the most eye-catching and fun disposable items on this list. Read the Lost Vape Orion 7500 review: The Flum Float disposable products have a unique design. This colorful and eye-catching disposable includes an 1100 mAh battery and is filled with 8 ml of electronic liquid with 5% salt and nicotine. This means that the Flum Float can perform more than 3000 inhalations.

It's available in 14 incredible flavor and color combinations. There's also a Flum Float Black edition with additional flavors for those with a dark side. Read the review of Flum Float (British edition) Puff Count, capacity for 3000 juices, 8 ml battery, 1100 mAh power, 5% (50 mg), puff count of 2% (20 mg), puff count of 2% (20 mg), capacity of 3000 juices, capacity of 3000 juices, capacity of 6.5 ml, power of 1000 mAh, 5% (50 mg) puff count of 2% (20 mg), puff count of 2% (20 mg) capacity of 3000 juices, 11 ml battery, power of 1500 mAh, 5% (50 mg) The Sirius 2200 by Vaporlax comes in more than 20 different flavors, and each one has the A whopping 10 ml of vape juice. Combined with a 1500 mAh battery, the Sirius 2200 can offer 2200 views (as the name suggests), which is very impressive.

The Sirius comes with 50 mg of salt and nicotine, vape juice and has some of the most delicious fruit flavors on offer. Puff count, capacity of 2200 juices, 10 ml battery, power of 1500 mAh, 5% (50 mg) The Dragbar R6000 is one of the many disposable Dragbar on the market. However, it is one of the few that is specifically designed to vape directly into the lungs. It has an adjustable airflow and comes with 18 ml of juice with a concentration of 3 mg, which is perfect for vaping with DTL.

It works with a 1000 mAh battery that is recharged via USB Type-C and can supply up to 6000 inhalations per disposable. If you're looking for a disposable that can withstand searching for clouds with a smooth pattern and great flavors, the R6000 is your best option. Puff count, capacity for 6000 juices, 18 ml battery, 1000 mAh strength, Draco 3 mg disposable are some of the most striking vape pens of all the disposable vape brands on this list. However, it's not all a matter of style, as they come with a 1000 mAh rechargeable battery and come pre-charged with 16 ml of salt and nicotine juice, making them ideal for more than 6500 puffs and one of the most durable disposable vaporizers.

And it doesn't end there, as the Draco also has an adjustable airflow, so you can customize a satisfying MTL drawing. If you want to buy a disposable that stands out from the crowd but that at the same time offers longevity and flavor, try the Draco. Puff count, 6500 juice capacity, 16 ml battery, 1000 mAh power, 5% (50 mg). Breeze has been a leader in disposable vaporizers for years and has continued to set the bar for the competition.

The Breeze Pro disposable vaporizer can hold up to 6 ml of vape juice (comparable to high-end vape tanks). It is a buttonless device with its pulling mechanism. The Elf Bar BC5000 is a disposable vaporizer containing 13 ml of pre-filled electronic liquid. However, since the Elf Bar BC5000 does not meet TPD standards, it cannot be sold in the EU or the United Kingdom.

Of course, falling in love with a new disposable vaporizer and discovering that it only lasts a few puffs can be extremely disappointing. The Fume Unlimited disposable vaporizer is another of the best disposable e-cigarettes on the market right now. As the name suggests, this disposable vaporizer contains 2,500 inhalations inside each device, making it one of the most durable disposable products on the market. Combine all of this with the incredible 1000 mAh battery along with a new mesh coil design, and you get a disposable 2000 puff vaporizer.

In addition, keep in mind that below we will also prioritize disposable vaporizers based on their quantity of inhalations and their quality; there are other vaporizers on the market that advertise themselves as durable, but that have not yet impressed us. The Hyde Retro rechargeable vaporizer is another monster device that is added to the family of rechargeable disposable vaporizers. The Hero Bars 8000 Puffs disposable vaporizer is an excellent alternative to the So Soul if you're looking for a vaporizer that's a little smaller and more compact, but that still offers an incredible experience and a very high puff count. With a rechargeable disposable vaporizer, you won't even have to worry about refilling your vapers, as the device is designed to be disposable once you're finished using it.

The Lucid Flow disposable vaporizer is another 5000 inhalation device with impressive features and the first on this list that is a fully disposable vaping device. .

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