What is the battery life of a hhc disposable vape?

The device is charged via the micro-USB charging port. Do not leave it unattended while charging. If you treat HHC disposable vaporizers with respect and care, they can last for many months. Here are the things you need to do to keep disposable HHC vaporizers fresh and durable.

ZAZA now offers its famous disposable vaporizer in a new 2-gram HHC cannabinoid. In addition to the delicious taste, users say that they love the cold, concentrated and euphoric feeling they get from these disposable products. If you're looking for a body buzz, a head buzz, a 26% mood lift around relaxation, these are the disposable items for you. Each disposable contains 2 grams of potent HHC distillate and strain-specific terpenes.

ZAZA offers 9 delicious delicious flavors. Vaping HHC directly from your vaporizer is the best part of vaping, as it can make you feel more high and faster.

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