Is hhc any good?

Not only is HHC stable in storage and resistant to UV rays and heat that degrade THC delta-9, but its effects are between 50 and 80% stronger than those of medium-strength marijuana, that is, it is a low-risk cannabinoid that produces a milder effect. Manufacturers have not yet found a cost-effective way to separate high-potency HHC from its low-potency twin, so commercial HHC, which is a mix of the two forms, can be a kind of game of chance for the purchaser. However, HHC has notable effects. User reports generally describe the high level of HHC between Delta 8 and Delta 9 of THC.

Users describe it as a type of euphoria. Overall, the feeling is incredibly relaxing. It's a great way to start or end the day, depending on personal preference. For now, the evidence supporting this statement is mostly anecdotal, although preliminary research suggests that HHC is not metabolized to 11-hydroxy-THC, which is the main metabolite of THC that can cause a positive result.

Like THC delta 8 and THC delta 10, commercial HHC is made from hemp-derived CBD in a laboratory using chemical processes. So does HHC cause you to get high? The short answer is yes, but not in the way that Delta 9 THC from marijuana would. This apparently makes HHC a legal hemp product and offers protection to manufacturers and sellers of HHC (and THC delta 8 and delta 10, THC-O and THCP), although some lawyers point out that other federal courts may reach different conclusions. Trsides house high-potency HHC gummies contain 25 mg of HHC per serving, for a total of 500 mg per pack of 20.

When a dose of HHC is ingested, there is an effect similar to that of THC, but with a general sense of relaxation, such as the effect that some users experience with Delta 8 THC. The additional hydrogen atoms in HHC allow the compound to be more stable and have a longer lifespan compared to THC. So far, preliminary research indicates that HHC has a safety profile comparable to THC, and the reported side effects are similar to those derived from high doses of THC. HHC is also the most stable form of THC, since it's super resistant to oxidation, heat and UV light, so you don't have to worry so much about your stash degrading and losing its potency.

Although HHC is found naturally in the cannabis plant, commercial HHC is produced by hydrogenating hemp-derived cannabinoids under pressure with a catalyst such as palladium. HHC has not been studied extensively, unlike the more abundant cannabinoids, such as THC delta 9 or CBD, but some promising research has been done. HHC is a long-known scientific relative of THC, but until recently cannabis users didn't mention it often. This is likely if HHC becomes popular enough to jeopardize sales in the legal cannabis market, as we have seen with Delta 8 THC.

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